Friday, November 25, 2011

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Most famous shemale in the world

A lot of people who represent the so-called third gender have made a career. Especially in films for adults. Shemale word comes from the English words "she" - she and the "male" - man. Generally, shemales are so called women with male genitals. According to scientists, man is not born as a shemale - usually a person sexually indeterminate, which, thanks to the adoption of synthetic female hormones acquires tertiary sexual characteristics. It is here mainly to increase of body fat on the hips, buttocks, breasts and rounded facial features change. Such persons are called transgenders M / F - that is, from man to woman. Transgenders do not identify with their genetic sex. Shemales feel women, because usually opt for cosmetic surgery and body beauty treatments, especially the face and breats. It is noteworthy that shemales usually do not come through sex-change operation. And they are not hermaphrodites, which have characteristics of both sexes.
The term shemale is used especially in the porn business. The most famous shemale in the world is Miriam Rivera, who starred in the television show "All About Miriam" and Australian "Big Brother". Miriam was born as a boy, but from the fourth year of life she wanted to be a girl. Her three brothers chose to play baseball, and she - then still a boy - playing with dolls. And she was always more interested in men than women. As a teenager, she began taking hormones. As the girl identified at the age of 12. Miriam has worked, among other occupations, as a stripper, and since she was 18, began to appear in transgender photographs published on the Internet. She has appeared in pornographic films under the name Victoria. Also planned to have gender reassignment surgery, but decided to accept her sexuality. She currently lives and works in Valencia (Spain).

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