Monday, September 5, 2011

Asian transgender girl pics

Transgender - from Lat. trans (except for, by, on the other side) and a gender perspective (gender) - a general term assigned to all the diversity of individuals, behaviors, and groups, showing a tendency to deviate from the role of human sex, allocated usually (though not always physiognomically, but always genetically) at birth, as well as attributed to its traditional social roles.

Transgender is a form of "gender identity" (self-identification as male, female, or hermaphrodite), which disagrees with the "kind of an assigned" (identified in the eyes of others as female or male gender based on physical / genetic). Transgender does not imply a fixed orientation.

Transgenderist may represent features that are usually associated with a specific type, describe themselves as located somewhere else in the traditional continuum of generic or exist outside the continuum as "other", "agender", "intergender" or "the third kind." Transgenders may also identify themselves as such both male and female, or located in several places in the course of any of the traditional trans-generic continuums or more broadly encompassing continuums that have been developed in response to a much more detailed studies conducted in recent years.